July 2024 Summer

Dhanjal Education LLC

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Every summer Dhanjal Education LLC provides an at home summer camp!

This group of sessions are for two weeks (4 sessions) from July 08 to July 19.

This group will concentrate on spoken Punjabi and conversation skills, with some introduction to the Punjabi alphabet

Groups will be split by level of Punjabi knowledge

Sessions are twice a week

Times: 2:00pm to 6:00pm 

1 hr 30 mins per session

Monday and Thursday sessions or

Tuesday and Friday sessions

*Everyone will receive their days and times by Saturday 08 June

*Everyone is encouraged to sign up for free Japji Sahib sessions: Sundays, on Zoom, 1 hour, several classes by age group. Please email support@dhanjaled.com to register. Space is limited as these sessions normally fill up quickly.

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