English Sessions for Punjabi Adults

Dhanjal Education LLC

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How exciting it must be for our elders to see their children and grandchildren! The heartbreaking part: the disconnect between the two generations. We love them both, so let's bring them together!

English sessions specially created for Punjabi seniors who wish to communicate with the younger generation, and general conversational skills to use in public.

Give it a try! A free 30 minutes evaluation at NO cost! No deposits, no obligations! Just choose the option below. Maximum of two per order.

*Ages 55+ who can speak, read, and write in Punjabi at least 90%.

*No English needed! Don't worry about speaking, reading, or writing any English!

*Perfect for seniors who will be visiting America but are located anywhere in India or Canada.

*Sessions are conducted between 06:00am-09:00am and 06:00pm-9:00pm PST (California) time on weekdays and Saturdays.

*Please note that lessons are taught United States English.

*Sessions are conducted over Zoom. A stable internet connection is needed. Students must have a notebook and pencils/pens before class which they must provide for themselves. No extra costs- all learning materials are provided.

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